Within the wide context of civilizations that have developed on this planet, the existence of impulses that expand the consciousness with inner revelations has always been available to humanity.
Philosophy, as seen from an inner point of view of life, is actually a set of revelations. Cosmic science, or cosmosophy, genuinely represents the essence of philosophy, which greatly differs from the meaning that humanity has commonly attached to this term. What is usually referred to as philosophy today, distortedly, is a number of mental level energies, which are almost totally devoid of spiritual energies, and in some cases have a complete lack of religiousness. Aiming at following internal rules related to their evolutionary task, Uksim group uses the term cosmosophy to make a distinction between cosmic science and the syncretic philosophy of these transitional times. Such inner revelations, or cosmosophy, are an instrument of the One Life, so that the being may receive the measure of truth in the way that corresponds to their own cycle and state of conciousness in the most timely and adequate manner. The gradual revelation of this science is linked to the being´s journey along the initiate´s path. Each phase of the ascesis relates to a special projection of this inner science, through whose vortex supra-mental knowledge is revealed to the external consciousness.
These particular times for the present planetary culture are commonly marked by philosophical - doctrinary and / or esoteric - ocultist schemes which are based on energies belonging to the previous cycle (when the femenine planetary polarity had not been activated yet, and when the masculine polarity manifestation prevailed; this fact has changed since 8/8/88). Such schemes cannot adapt to the changes required by the new energy condition. All the systems which appeared during the previous cycle of planetary manifestation (for example, yoga, mind control and metaphysics) grew out of the masculine polarity, former planetary regent in terms of energy, and of the chakra system (energy circuit related to the etheric level of the human being) whose manifestation is analogous in the human being with the polarity of the planet where their current evolution takes place. Cosmic science, or cosmosophy, reveals today that it focuses its action on the development of the Right Consciousness (the cosmo-sono-medular field) which is an energy circuit that will gradually replace the chakras system that is slowly going into hypofunction. Energy demands another attitude from consciousness. Commitment to the Evolutionary Plan demands a greater surrender. Trying manipulation and projection of energy is not valid as a part of the being´s learning. Even amidst intense activity, their life should reflect a state of quietness and impassibility, typical of those who have reduced the distance to their inner nuclei, and start to express an impersonal life. Such quality results from transcending the emotional and mental viewpoint of existence.
The Plan calls for a more mature treatment of reality, in relation to their attitude to the agents of the One Life: Planetary, Solar and Cosmic Hierarchies; Intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial Civilizations.
It also requires giving up requests, and reaching degrees of faith, surrender and service, which are being promoted by the higher planes of consciousness. The old schemes already mentioned, with their doctrinary energy profile, had at times excessive material belonging to the mental plane. The new philosophy, which does not carry the burden of a doctrinary ceiling, and is devoid of sincretism, raises the being towards their own inner reality, allowing both a new degree of relation and the descent to the material levels of elements that point out and reveal the return path to the origin. Adapting to these impulses and transforming oneself is a trial for these times.

Daniel Gagliardo – Uksim, Planetary Service Center.