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For most beings present on the surface of the planet, the energy that currently rules life on the earth goes unnoticed. With the assistance of more evolved intraterrestrial civilisations, a precious process is carried out by planetary centres. Planetary life is beginning its ascent towards cosmic existence, while a whole sidereal pattern pours over this solar system nucleus, which needs redemption and cure.

Earth is ascended to the cosmos. The cosmos pours gifts on the Earth. The Law is to be fulfilled in our planetary universe; the cosmic laws must manifest here, on earth.

Many beings aim to respond to the calling. The more flexible ones begin to be guided by their inner consciousness. Those who during their last incarnations became permeable to the inner fire; those who managed to disidentify themselves from the temporary forms which covered their essence and consciousness; those who understood the meaning of the tests they went through. Self-called, self-summoned. Individuals who intimately become aware of the situation the surface of the planet is heading to and donate themselves to establish patterns of harmony in times when chaos would try to hinder the Evolutionary Plan.

The material which beings will find in the following pages has been delivered to our group with a definite aim: to assist a portion of humanity in their silent work. Such cooperative service is based on updated and dynamic energies. These patterns are capable of corresponding to the inner instructor, a source that is present in every individual who is spiritually awake.

The energy of intraterrestrial centre Erks is inherent in the patterns mentioned above. It underlies them. As a core range, it radiates its precious frequency. The concepts and words expressed through us are simply the coatings for such a potent inner source; a tool of the planetary self.

It is in the Valley of Erks where the main work of our group unfolds. In the context of an evolutionary group experience, we try to sustain and exercise new life patterns. To meet the requirements of this planetary transition, in search of greater insight, we seek to further discernment and to be open to the necessary purification.

Groups and single individuals have adhered to our evolutionary goal by attuning to a pattern which is internally familiar to many. This is how Uksim has become pioneering energy; joining other active energies, within the framework of the Law of Service and the manifestation of new bases for future humanity.

A growing number of people visits us at Sierra del Cielo, set in Quebrada de la Luna, between the Uritorco and Pajarillo Mounts in Cordoba, Argentina. They are visitors who live in other parts of the planet and are brought by their inner nucleus to have a re-orientation experience. This process results in an expansion of consciousness, which typically marks the phases when being aspires to be transformed.

Nowadays, updated and regenerated information is unquestionably essential. It is related to revelations about the existence of the extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial civilisations and their collaborated work towards recovering the planetary equilibrium. Other pieces of information tell us about the Evolutionary Plan, the Planetary Rescue and Evacuation Operation, a new genetic code, new humanity, the introduction of the planet in the Universal Cosmic Fraternity.

Furthermore, the undoubtedly necessary transcendence of illusion, egotism, possessiveness, offensiveness, fascination, deceit, ingenuousness, lust, indifference. However, none of the information would be useful if individuals read the information rationally; for psychic accumulation. Or if they confined the information to their minds as a curious and interesting text for entertainment.

Only those who understand the true and real reason for this information, revelations inherent in the current need for global urgency, will be able to fulfil the purpose they seek to foster: the transformation of the being. The being’s approach to the essence that dwells in them. The significance and the transcendence of their outdated scale of values. The beings synchronised with supramental life.
Therefore, only those who are in an actual process of transcendence, as well as positive nonconformity, may dive uninhibitedly into the sea of updated energies.

A deep, crystal clear ocean opens to human consciousness; but only those who do not fear its cosmic abysses will be able to surmount the limitations imposed by the known.

Sierra del Cielo Field (The Heaven’s Valley)

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