You are being stimulated and accompanied for the unique purpose to be established and expressed in you and through you.

There are fields of Life that will not be accomplished until your awareness is fulfilled to some degree. The continuous adaptation of some aspects of the current processing of the global situation, you well know that is due to you.

You have great burdens, but you also have the energies of transmutation and liberation granted by the cosmic governing. Without noticing it, you navigate within the aura of Our Brotherhood, vivified by impulses that give you the perfect counterpart to your own solar vibrational fluid. We adapt for you an aura of cosmic reality that, without demanding the abandonment of the world but prepares you to serve the world better.

In the nights of Erks, when your consciousness turns to cosmos it longs for what you do not know; you incomprehensibly experience the gifts of the intuitive world.

The internal worlds present in your microcosmic identity are revealed, when you forget who you think you are, and you open yourselves to the call of the monada pilgrim that you always were and will be. We wait for you from eternity to, together, form a pure inflorescence. Monads and avatars of internal civilisations and surface will conform. The consciousness of the infrahuman kingdoms will be liberated from it without terror; receiving from the Light present in their nectar, the Love of a unique and divinised terrestrial humanity.

Fragment from The Path of The Pilgrim.

Daniel Gagliardo