Life in Uksim

Life at Sierra del Cielo aims to approach simplicity. Through persistent rehearsal, we seek to de-identify ourselves from the ballast that encapsulates the essence on this planet. The dynamics and doctrine of the current culture does not offer an evolutionary way-out for those who feel the inner call and perceive the urge to attune to new life patterns. Sierra del Cielo aims at deepening updated energies constantly, by sustaining a state of receptivity, which goes hand in hand with the relevant purification of the group that lives in the center as well as of visitors. Each being that spends time in this center, should find the necessary harmony for the process he or she must go through. It is the inner consciousness of each individual that visits us who truly facilitates that contact. Whether he or she be aware of a silent and occult process, the being is led to arrive at Uksim when the relationship with that energy has already been established intimately to a certain degree.

We hold cyclic and weekly retreats, as well as choral work and mantra sessions (Sierra del Cielo holds annual meetings for mantra and choral work with representatives and adherents from distant provinces and countries), recede, daily and weekly studies, which enable us to get closer to updated information and knowledge in a conscious way. These are highly needed today because they lead to the harmonization and stability of the psychic level of the being. In other words, those who live on the planet surface need to bring Evolutive or Internal Law to the mental and emotional levels, to the unique extent that corresponds to each one of us. From the internal point of view, life at Uksim should be the expression of active spirituality. There is no room for sustaining inertial neglect of material existence, by acting out deceptive mysticism, for such a doctrine is indifferent and ineffective. Placing excessive importance on personal processes is equally inadequate and egotistical.

Residents and visitors devote themselves to daily maintenance chores (such as keeping the vegetable garden, flower gardens, cooking, construction work and other needs to be met). The physical infrastructure of the center goes through cyclic expansion stages. This is how Sierra del Cielo seeks to equal, in the formal world, an interior dynamic which becomes stronger as the group enlarges its work in planetary service. We eat silently, as feeding involves a valuable cooperation between kingdoms- a ceremony of energetic interweaving through which form may express harmonic continuity and a stable offering to the inner principle.

We are aware that speech control leads us gradually to incorporate spiritual patterns. We seek to enhance our receptivity of supramental life by embracing inner vocation and aspiration. We are not the expression of any religion, but we try to nurture in our lives the energy of religiousness, which converges and flourishes through an introspective attitude, which, in the silent and healing power of faith, allows a reincarnating being to acknowledge their cosmic identity. The quest for a stable link with the center of our own consciousness synthesizes and symbolizes the main activity carried out by those who deeply adhere to the energy of the Uksim task.

At Uksim silence is seen as the fundamental tool for attention and synthesis. We regard silence as an inner quality that is established at our mental level, not hysteric muteness which causes isolation and rejects a life that moves towards divinization. Such quality, which is inherent in the energy of the soul, opens doorways to inner harmony and healing. Groups or individuals who ignore silence remain attached to an abundant and exclusive mental life.

If you are interested in spending some time at our center, you should make your request as far in advance as possible, specify the exact check-in and check-out dates, your age and any physical or health problems you may have, as well as any information you consider relevant. We do not accept any requests that do not include the required information.

If your request to spend some time at our center is accepted, you are expected to bring the following items for personal use: twin-sized bed sheets; towels; bathroom soap and a laundry soap bar; shampoo and everything related to personal care; comfortable clothes that may be worn for farming activities, taking into account the continual climate variations of this area; umbrella or raincoat; comfortable shoes; torch (flashlight) with extra batteries; wristwatch and alarm clock; cap or hat. All these elements are necessary for your stay at the center. It is important for those staying less than a month to come with a confirmed return ticket. The center is not in charge of or responsible for transport ticket purchase, confirmation or changes. We will only deal with those things in case of lengthy stays (of over a month).
Camcorders and photo cameras are not allowed in the premises. Mobile phones should remain off, since they create interference in an environment where introspection should be the main energy. Individuals who cannot get rid of their telephone dependency during their stay and are, therefore, unable to let go of daily routines, should not visit Sierra del Cielo or must eventually finish their stay.
We suggest harmonizing every aspect of one´s personal life, whether it be family, work, social or other, before checking in. This will lead to an experience of renovation and introspection, which is free from the pressure from the things we have not ordered or harmonized in our external lives before starting this transcendental experience.

Meat and animal-based food are not allowed at Uksim. These include fat, dairy products (except for infants during breast/formula feeding) cold meat, etc. Similarly, the use of drugs, stimulants, cigarettes, alcohol and soda water is not allowed. We suggest bringing honey, dried fruit and naturist crackers, if you need them. The center serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, based on cereal, beans, raw or cooked vegetables, bread, fruit, herb tea and mineral water from our own spring.
Everything that the center provides is free of charge. Cierra del Cielo is sustained by spontaneous anonymous donations by those who adhere to its evolutionary goal.