How to Contribute

How to contribute
Although Sierra del Cielo is sustained by the acceptance of anonymous and spontaneous donations and contributions,, the vision of collaboration with the centre is taken into account by us in a broader and more integral way.
When an individual or group visits us, they are cooperating with the unravelling of ceremonial aspects which are sorely needed by the Planetary Being today. In the adherence of those particles, we see symbolised collaboration with something beyond the centre itself. It is the donation of consciousness to the fulfilment of a universal goal. It is the strengthening of a pattern of life and conduct that begins to circulate silently on the planetary surface; anchoring - for now - only in small groups or individuals in isolation. The essence of a New Humanity. The one who adheres to the Uksim task is holding a valuable energy that surpasses the very framework of this task. Sierra del Cielo is a ceremonial field, whose functioning is sustained by solar and cosmic patterns; adapted for planetary life through the Intraterrestrial Centres.
Adhering to planetary service centres, and collaborating in their incorporation and functioning on a concrete level, is only a part of the evolutionary endeavour that a portion of humanity must undertake. For many beings today, a certain type of material collaboration is easier than the offering of their lives to the Evolutionary Plan. If this type of collaboration were not accompanied by the adherence and attunement of beings in the very field of inner energies and laws, such a realm would be limited to a material infrastructural conglomerate, lacking in hierarchical essence and support.
Sierra del Cielo opens to the reception of cosmic life, to offer it to those who - under the law of attunement - correspond to its vibratory pattern. Those who draw in, attracted by this hidden source, sustained by their own inner consciousness, become executors and dispensers of unprecedented energy of service. Thus, by following the inner impulses that lead him to contact Life in Uksim, the being enters into a phase and landing of planetary existence, proper to his spiritual and monada awakening; enabling the vehicles of which his soul avails itself to enter into instances of practical spirituality. Uksim should serve the transition from mere theoretical and hypothetical knowledge to the attention of the material levels of planetary life by the inner essence of being. Thus, any attempt at rapprochement, collaboration, or adherence to this centre could not be seen outside of its true and hidden global resonance.
From earliest antiquity, the energetic importance of true group work has always been conveyed to human beings. The potent energetic stimulus they captured, processed, and then put into circulation. The Essenes were a vivid example of this. There, in the vicinity of the Dead Sea, that small group anticipated legitimate energetic bases; demonstrating that the quantitative was relative, with no capacity to offer real limitations to the qualitative. Their presence stimulated and facilitated the circulation of a certain gradation of healing energy.
Today, under a renewed pattern, an imprecise number of self-convoked people must take on internal planning related to the manifestation of evolutionary group tasks. In this way, the consciousness of the Planetary Being can activate the distribution of certain energies. Energy flows which it is incumbent upon humanity - at least a portion of humanity - to guard. Centres such as Sierra del Cielo arise in response to the potent energy of the Inner Groups and the Intraterrestrial Centres. In one way or another, each of the particles that make up the current planetary conjuncture are transfixed by potent energetic incentives. Some, in their search for response, and in obedience to that aforementioned inner planning, assume the expression of planetary service centres. They reside in them. They move forward in the implementation of future patterns of life as that process of purification - so representative of the planet's present transition - frees them from old burdens. Successive expansions of consciousness predispose them to the fulfilment of inner cycles. Cycles that are also reflected, and fulfilled, in the general group context of those centres.
From the above, it follows that collaboration with a centre cannot be seen as a Sierra del Cielo, but as a way of assisting the needs of life on our planet. In this way, those who find signs which direct them towards the state of consciousness which Uksim represents, transit through superlative phases of the energy of service; assuming, in the degree corresponding to their evolutionary instance, the dynamics of that Inner Group to which their soul belongs.
The Law of Material Karma is to be transcended on the surface of the Earth, opening the way to the Higher Evolutionary Law. Uksim works in the necessary collaboration, so that this transitional juncture receives the greatest harmonious contributions; fulfilling, at least in part, the meaning of the presence of the self-convoked on this end of cycle.

The Centre is sustained by anonymous and spontaneous donations...


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