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The first work published by Daniel Gagliardo, chronologically preceded by two other works not yet published - Notes for the Path and Notebooks with notes - For the Love of Ariadna refers us to the relationship that the reincarnating energy, the ego, must establish with its own soul. With diverse narrative nuances, each chapter stimulates the elevation of the personality to the supramental reality. From the importance of understanding the current planetary transition, to the cosmic stimuli present in chapter seven, The Light of the Mirrors, this work offers a luminous way out of the labyrinth; a representation of the current ultra materialistic condition of humanity. In chapter two, to which the book owes its name, energies of high symbolic power permeate the reader. Theseus and Ariadne reveal how the universes and those particles that compose them are assisted in their evolutionary trajectory and cosmic integration.

Road to Another Reality. Many people are beginning to perceive today that we are in the course of a planetary transition. Of these individuals, only a few still understand that this transition must find room in them for its manifestation. Fewer still are the beings who, with daring, give their lives to the care of the seeds that are opening up to the sky. The emptying of all the old is required of us. The availability for new patterns of existence makes us auxiliaries of the new planetary polarity. The patterns of reference are the only certain possibility that the Higher Will, to which we must surrender, can use for its manifestation. Our surrender is not seen as genuine from the inner levels until we persistently refract or limit the influence that the play of forces housed in the material levels offers. Detachment, and the absence of preconceptions, open the way for us to the Higher Evolutionary Law. Strong links with the cosmos are revealed as a promise for the New Humanity. The prelude and anticipation of that future can be perceived by those who, open to the unknown, silently rehearse inner contact. The Intraterrestrial Civilizations assume for these pilgrims the symbol of that Law, whose fires operate in the forge from which the new human consciousness emerges from the surface. Someone once asked us if it was possible to go to the encounter in a conscious manner, with a Law by which we were never governed. The answer was punctually based on an observation: This is a time when we must encounter existence as fully as possible. This is the time of the awakening of consciousness. For those who represent and assume the new planetary polarity, seen as the platform of their evolutionary process in an undeniable way, to live the eternal present is to prepare oneself to consciously accept the unheard of.

It is under the optics of the Soul, to tune in to the new Laws by which we will be led. On the other hand, we usually use the term conscious limited to the range of external existence. This range represents only a fraction of what we as consciousnesses encompass. Precisely the fraction that, in relation to the energetic activity of its own level -interpret reality- maintains a permanent dissociation. A stable waste of the available potential. Attentive to the internal source, we will tune in as much as it suits our evolutionary process the dynamics of the Laws. Rectors, who use the current transition as an access door, to install themselves in this wide cycle in which the planetary being is added. It is that source, which consciously operates with the new dynamics of energy. The Laws resonate in the inner tuning fork. It adapts its pattern, so that adjusted to our evolutionary process we reach the possibility of its externalization. If we allow ourselves to be led. If we, who participate in this planetary life, understood that being considered by the regency of the orb particles of its own conformation, a nourishing energetic sustenance passes through us without ceasing. That with only orientation and taking the right position, we could be taken away from the general stagnation. Discovering that our forces and possibilities are unknown to us. As well as the unknown, that we must open up and reflect. Our hidden potential is activated, when we offer it also to hidden Laws. What we think we are or should become operates like a narcotic for our mind. While we sustain it, it prevents us from becoming harmonizers of material existence. Our interior lives the cosmic pulse. Its state is absolute and fluid updating. Taking care of a seed cannot be dissociated from understanding the existence of a deep root. To confirm in our consciousness, which is in the depths where that process finds sustenance. We said at the beginning that we are participating in a transition. There are those who represent the seed in its awakening. Also those who, having received everything, seem unable to summon up enough energy to abandon their lethargy. In a superlative state, we meet those who already offer the blossoming of their existence. There are also those who are like ripe fruits, feeding the much needed expansion of consciousness. Integrated like mirrors into the essence of this new cycle. An unknown sun will rise in the dawn we await. It will not be able to illuminate that which is not in tune with its unprecedented expression. He has no preference for the period of unfolding that each seed will go through. For him alone, it is important that each particle expresses the order corresponding to the stage it is going through. We must understand that this transition, as well as everything that we have to live, we can only go through within our possibilities. These are nothing more than what we allow our inner being to qualify and lead. It is our inner consciousness, the self-convoked pilgrim that must serve the world in this transit. It is the one who knows the path. If we allow, as the suits that we are, that their movements can flow on these levels; we will live with gratitude even the thorns and dust of the road.

Excerpt from the book For the Love of Ariadna, Daniel Gagliardo>


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