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A law is first and foremost a state of consciousness. For the beings who begin to transcend certain Evolutionary state, a Law reveals itself as an entity. For the current state of this planet, are becoming present laws that, in interaction, prepare the redeemable beings in this period of transition, and incorporate the possibility of descent, until the denser plans of the etheric physical, of the new patterns through which the archetype will have to be embodied.

A Spiritual Center is not the result of a personal human choice. It is the uptake, and subsequent obedience, of the implementation in the concrete plans, of an element of the Planetary Service, provided and foreseen by the Plan, to complement a network composed of different levels of consciousness. Uksim is the recipient of an impulse; emanate-capturing; it is a resonance that captures accepts and becomes revealed as a form of polarisation towards the internal worlds.

Groups of Beings who prepare certain areas of the Evolutionary Plan will make contact with the state of consciousness represented by Uksim, and in this way, channel their service, expanding the spectrum of their tasks.

Beings who begin to awaken are being called to take their place. In some cases, Uksim, symbolizes that place.

Our mission is like the construction site of a large building, only we do not know in most cases, in which part of the scaffolding we will be placed. Each correct and necessary action is a brick of that construction. If our existence is limited to expressing what is correct and necessary, that portion of the construction that corresponds to us will become concrete. The indication of what is right and necessary will come to us from the depths of our consciousness. The transcendence of our scale of personal values, and our Free Will, will give us the capacity to put each brick in its place.

The Soul guides the hands of the builder when he humbly opens himself to the essence of Wisdom. We are all here to perform a single task. We are all here to express the Evolutionary Plan and the Law of the Hierarchies.

The secret of our Mission lies in forgetting ourselves, understanding the importance of our capacity for and surrender transformation. To abdicate, as far as our impulses of choice and convenience are concerned. We have been prepared for thousands of years to understand the fundamental attitude for this planetary transition.>


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