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The planetary reality is seriously deteriorating and unstable. A condition that owes much of its manifestation to our eating habits. Humanity has moved away throughout the cycles of the possibility of assisting the terrestrial life by means of evolutionary feeding. The impossibility of transcending instinctive and materialistic patterns through the choice of primitive and outdated paradigms stimulated a selfish human culture on the planetary surface. The ingestion of corpses, as well as the insensitivity to the needs of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, have widened the gap between humanity and the Cosmic Laws. While the Earth is preparing to transcend the Law of Karma, the majority of us who inhabit it hinder the present transition towards an Age of Light. A New Cycle where the relationships between human beings and the subhuman kingdoms will be marked by harmony, balance and love. In the present work Evolutionary Eating, Daniel Gagliardo reveals aspects of the hidden and spiritual relationship that underlies the genuine vegan diet; thus, allowing to perceive the relationship between food intake and the Law of Service.

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Can all people be vegetarians and stop eating corpses?
All human beings are prepared, in a general way, and in an organic sense, to assume a feeding without cannibalism. Anyway, only a small portion of humanity, growing, however, can assume to feed in an evolutionary way. The main problem lies in the selfishness and insensibility of the human being on the planetary surface. The cooperation among kingdoms only has a true loving and altruistic connotation in those individuals who have already assumed the internal search. The remainder people only understand the existence in a strict sense of usufruct, the search for satisfaction and encapsulation in the concretion of personal goals. In this way, the animal aspects present in them are confirmed as valid and come to steadily influence their actions, emotions and thoughts. The true vegetarianism is a profound change in the conception of existence. Whoever does it in harmony with its inner essence, and not under frivolous aspects such as aesthetic or snobbish regimes, not only feed themselves in the act of eating, but they become supporters of sustenance for that universe they are part of.
Those of us who need a change of diet and want to get into vegetarianism, what can we eat?
Given the subtle aspects that energy currently seeks to install in the human conscience, as well as in the planetary life in a general way, the food should be a significant contribution in the etheric regeneration. In this context, many vegetables can no longer be seen as adequate to be part of our regime. Garlic, onion, red pepper, chilli and the specimens associated to these vegetables by genetic closeness have an etheric counterpart of low or slow vibration; with enough capacity to attack the new etheric aspects that the human being is developing in this new energetic polar cycle, aspects that respond to the conformation of a new energy circuit that will gradually replace the most known chakras. This emerging circuit is called right conscious or cosmo-sono-medulary field. As well as, looking for discarding the mentioned vegetables, taking into account to limit to a minimum degree legumes like the soybean; being recommended its moderate eating in the form of byproducts like the miso, tofu and soya, each being must be attentive to find his vegetarian own diet. We recommend the daily intake of brown rice, of the variety that each person perceived as appropriate for him; as well as legumes in small portions, all kind of raw or steamed verdures and vegetables. The fruits must be away from main meals or at breakfast. With respect to other cereals, they can be alternated as quinoa, barley, bulgur wheat, amaranth, polenta, peeled millet, whole wheat or split wheat, etc. It is a must to discard absolutely the fried; even those made with the best oils and on a single fry-up. The bread, in case of perceiving necessary its intake, has to be integral or high percentages of wholemeal flour; as much as possible from a homemade invoice; or of a known origin without preservatives or chemical products that would alter it.
The daily combination of foods will count, as far as we can, with an important intuitive help. This possibility is favoured by the attitude that allows us to see in food a field of service, and not the mean to satisfy the palate in a sybaritic way, or the anxieties of those who do not yet find a way to open a path to their own inner life.>


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