The Light of the Pilgrim Notebook Collection

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The Light of the Pilgrim Notebook Collection More info

Luz del Valle makes available to readers an extensive editorial work of the talks and studies given by Daniel Gagliardo. Profuse and enriching group work has allowed us to unravel, summarize and put into a literary format the essence of these meetings. From notebook number one, dedicated to The Giving, the reader will be able to count on an enlightening material of study and consultation. This collectable series, of unpublished characteristics, is destined to offer a harmonizing accompaniment to those beings who seek to deepen the current terrestrial transition in communion with the renewed cosmic energies that today lead our planet towards the Superior Evolutionary Law.

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Nuestra purificación está en marcha ¿Cómo podemos facilitarla?

When we are able to give ourselves to our inner life, to that which dwells deeply within us, we collaborate with our purification process. The purification that we beings have to experience is only possible through genuine surrender. If this were not so, the being would not be willing to purify the significant number of elements and active forces components of his personality. There is a coarse burden, a dense pattern, a large amount of heavy and outdated components present in our psychophysical counterpart that must be gradually expelled. It is our own inner consciousness that plans the situations and actions, as well as for deciding what is to be removed through the process of the energy of purification promoted.

To facilitate the action of the Law of Purification we should be able to give ourselves to the one who executes, who directs and sustains, who plans our purification. Our inner being; the truth of the essence present in us. No matter what might arise from that availability and its results. When we surrender to the superior, we may be assuming, consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, that what is proposed is the best that can happen. The experience of that deep conviction pulsating in us is transmuting.

As long as the personality, as long as the ego, continues to believe that it is unfavourable to consummate its giving, it will reiterate what it has done during ample incarnational cycles: to restrict that surrender in order to confirm free will compulsively. That free choice, that choice of what to do, how and where, will lead us in some stage to a process of liberating disillusionment. The ego approaches surrender by going through processes that define the exhaustion of its experience under free will. When all that investigation of the material world is carried out with the meagre forces of the personality and its limited material nourishment, we found ourselves ready to cross the threshold into an unprecedented stage. To start orienting our inferior will towards our own Internal Source, thus gradually laying the foundations to operate as mirrors of the Spiritual Laws, becoming operators of practical spirituality.

In this way, cooperating with our purification process should be an experience of convergence with the circulatory sense that the energy of our soul applies to everything we have to go through. To adhere to that circulatory order is to confirm that the source that defines our rate of purification has our cooperation in establishing the order of those needs and their treatment for the universal benefit.>


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