La Hermandad de La Luz

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Our humanity, given its limited capacity for transformation, requires continuous assistance, so it does lead to evolutionary failure. One of the tools that has been working with it for thousands of years is prophetic cooperation. Prophecy harbours the capacity to stimulate beings to recompose internal and spiritual links from which they would have distanced themselves. Distant from desires or predilections, as well as from successes of any kind, those who are part of the monada’s spiritual lineage of the Wise and Prophets can become bridges for the awareness of the serious situation the Earth is going through. The prophetic current that they could liberate, as well as the unified spiritual instruction in that affluence, do not seek the concretion of the prophecy, but its amplifying, purifying effect, capable of leading to the transformation of those who, being ready to change, need a certain energetic frequency to accompany such process. In this work, The Brotherhood of Light, constituted by verses of prophetic instruction, Daniel Gagliardo works as a channel of hierarchical entities. The observation of the possible planetary events activated through this instructor, in the short and medium-term, could define the shades of the closing of the terrestrial transition. Opening up to the vibratory flow offered by a prophecy is an exercise in flexibility. Those who could make room for the attunement with the Source from which the prophecy is poured would operate as extensions of the same in search of the harmonization of these levels of existence.

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The steps that were oriented towards negotiation are stopped. They change course and the sounds that accompanied their execution are turned off. They cross their swords and the steel that makes them does not flash. Broken and confused they touch the bottom and dive into the mud. They will still be seen, but in the next cycle the doors for them will wide open.

From behind the mountain, they rise. Silently they show themselves to the world and through the world. They establish the unheard of and discover to the stunned a path that is impassable in their present condition, but they link them in consciousness to their future possibilities.

The Cyclops betrays each other. They cross threats by dangerously wielding their secrets. Tense, their immobility will seem an eternity; however, the trick will fail, and as on the dung, the fungi will multiply spreading their poison.

The Eyes of the Cosmos set their gaze on the misery fertilized by the chaos. Their vision of what is being executed issues the order. The three levels obey and decompose into Light. Then, the Sun that never sets.

The stars dance. The insane will be even more so. The Beast digs its jaws, hallucinating, into its own thigh. She drinks her own blood in a ritual that will kill her with thirst. You, turned towards yourselves inwardly, will give yourselves to the Prayer of the Giving Will.

They played with the distances in their favour, but now the laws offer them another side of the dubious coin. Their calculations hit the ground with perversely sustained illusion. See them with the eyes of your soul; thus you will understand their actions and prudently be alert.>


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