Cuaderno 4 - Ley de Servicio

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Cuaderno 4 - Ley de Servicio More info

Luz del Valle makes available to readers an extensive editorial work of the talks and studies given by Daniel Gagliardo. Profuse and enriching group work has allowed us to unravel, summarize and put into a literary format the essence of these meetings. From notebook number one, dedicated to The Giving, the reader will be able to count on an enlightening material of study and consultation. This collectable series, of unpublished characteristics, is destined to offer a harmonizing accompaniment to those beings who seek to deepen the current terrestrial transition in communion with the renewed cosmic energies that today lead our planet towards the Superior Evolutionary Law.

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Cuando hablamos de servicio en concreto, este servicio al planeta, este servicio a la Vida Única ¿podemos decir que consiste en hechos externos o consiste en hechos internos?

When we speak of service, in particular, this service to the planet, the service to the Unique Life, can we say that the service is consists of external facts or internal facts?

When we are talking about service we cannot make any kind of differentiation. When consciousness is integrated into the sphere of service, it enters the sphere of the consecration of its own existence; both what happens in the internal nucleus of that consciousness and its external action are ways of serving.

The service that a consecrated consciousness gives to the planet, to humanity, to the solar system, to the Unique Life, has many aspects. A being in absolute silence, and having awakened to the energies of service and consecration, becomes a source of income of unique energies for planetary life. It becomes a kind of catalyst of unheard-of, silent impulses; collaborating with the implantation of the essence underlying those stimuli. Thus its action as a being in service would be precisely the reflection of the dynamics manifested in its internal cosmos. A being in those conditions would have to manifest what service is through thoughts, feelings and actions. Any of these three levels where it was expressing itself, in consonance, would be the unique manifestation of its serving consciousness. There is nothing that escapes within the life of a being in service to the sphere of service itself. When his soul has its personality open to the Inner Laws, the being's actions can define him as a suitable tool.

From the spiritual or monada’s levels, a specific type of energy emanates. As well as, in the sphere of the soul or in the field of the personality. If the individual is devoted to service, his own radiation, as well as the energy he subtly transfers to the planetary universe, would have to be confirmed as a manifestation of the Law of Service.>


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