Notes for The Planetary Transition and the law of return

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Notes for The Planetary Transition and the law of return More info

Overcome the unclean disruptive habits that prevent you from being free, you see in your smallness and then you will discover your greatness. Know sparks to understand that you are bonfires, discover yourselves as a small drop, to share and encompass the immense sea of Cosmos. Therefore, understand definitively that your greatness is only in service, that your fire is only if you overcome darkness and enlighten the dark impoverished, and that you conform to the immense sea only if you placate the thirsty.

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Currently, the theme aimed at reflecting intra-terrestrial or extra-terrestrial reality goes through an intense process of mixing or syncretism. Few are the individuals or groups, which can be used as non-interfered channels. The strong tendency, not to release knowledge and techniques from the previous cycle, obstructs much of the work of the Hierarchies that help the current planetary process.
Unprecedented knowledge is offered today to the human consciousness of the Earth's surface; for assimilation, the emptying of outdated theories and techniques is critical. A synthesis is being offered to humanity, the acceleration and regulation of specific karmic processes become real. The deactivation of the chakras, the abandonment of the direction of energy, the transcendence of free will, are part of this new cycle of female polarity that expresses the planet.
Integrative forces of Cosmos approach the Earth, and the Planetary Consciousness rises to meet them, the spring of the Unique Life offers energies of transmutation. Man is invited to drink, but to this day, only a few respond to the call; its response tears the darkness and implants new energy, thanks to which others will glimpse the path, gradually experiencing the needs of the Evolutionary Plan.
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