Alimentação Evolutiva: Cooperação entre Reinos através da Ingestão de Alimentos

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Alimentação Evolutiva: Cooperação entre Reinos através da Ingestão de Alimentos More info

This book presents an unprecedented approach to food and its decisive role in the current transition of the Earth. This book offers us the spiritual foundations of a truly evolving food in cooperation with the various kingdoms rather than just another healthy vegetarian diet.

In 1988, a change in planetary polarity occurred, and a new (feminine) cycle began. We are therefore in a period of transition on the surface of the Earth, a stage that is approaching its apex. Our energy field is being adapted to this new reality, namely through the development of the right conscious (intuition). This new energy circuit requires a higher attitude and another degree of consciousness. Therefore, at this stage, the adoption of an evolutionary eating regime is a necessary and decisive contribution to establish effective collaboration between the different realms, that is, a ceremony of attunement with the internal levels of Life.

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The subtilization of the planet, including humanity itself and the infra-human kingdoms, requires the recovery of the food ceremonial.

The current planetary transition offers those who seek to merge their consciousness with cosmic reality, high possibilities to develop this experience.

There are beings open to universal recovery. They work in an evolutionary sense. For them, the act of eating is a transmuting way of vivifying all planetary life.

This work does not offer any prescriptions, although it refers us to certain foods suitable for these cycles and times. With simplicity, it seeks to offer the experience of those who, open to the essence present within, have transcended a primitive and selfish form of nourishment.

If a thought, eating and action, from our awareness of inner reality - search for unification with cosmic life - should confirm our aspiration for the superior, this should be reflected in the way we nourish ourselves.

The karmic conditions generated from a change of attitude, and our intention to transform ourselves, come to meet us in the way we need them as individuals, as well as the planetary needs. For this reason, if in an unselfish and disinterested way we try to elevate our food, aware that this is a valuable tool of the current energetic transition, we will be occultly assisted from the inner levels of life>


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