The Light of the Pilgrim Notebook Collection

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The Light of the Pilgrim Notebook Collection More info

Luz del Valle makes available to readers an extensive editorial work of the talks and studies given by Daniel Gagliardo. Profuse and enriching group work has allowed us to unravel, summarize and put into a literary format the essence of these meetings. From notebook number one, dedicated to The Giving, the reader will be able to count on an enlightening material of study and consultation. This collectable series, of unpublished characteristics, is destined to offer a harmonizing accompaniment to those beings who seek to deepen the current terrestrial transition in communion with the renewed cosmic energies that today lead our planet towards the Superior Evolutionary Law.
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What is the first thing that becomes evident when we take the first steps towards this cosmic philosophy for the new humanity?
The first thing to become evident is the presence of tests, unprecedented, unknown to those who will have to face them as part of a process of transformation, of purification. The being will have to be willing to learn and perceive the meaning of service, to re-dimension, if he already has some notion, the implications of assistance to the Evolutionary Plan; facing tests that others, the majority, could not face.

When a being opens up, he is touched by the understanding of a new philosophy. It enters a state of resonance with the internal cycles stipulated by that evolutionary instance, and these will seek to impose upon its consciousness the corresponding for that moment. His psychic consciousness approaches the internal life and as he makes this approach more concrete, he will find experiences that were unknown until that moment, he will begin to understand how that which is unknown is offered to him in an unprecedented way.
When, for the first time, the being consciously opens up to this new philosophy, he recognizes in the trials offered by material life, on which he must act, the internal identity that sustains this life on the external planes. It will observe everything as an offering guided by the inner law.

If a being, opening himself to a new philosophy, were to try out in his life only more of the same, without transforming what he had been experiencing, he would have to review whether that philosophy was not just a dead word, something that could be printed on paper, or spoken, but with a disability to build a bridge to the essence of truth.

To live a new philosophy, to adhere to the unheard-of is to express the transformation of contacting the vibratory frequency of the hidden, underlying pulses offered by that new philosophy. If a being is not transformed, in the same measure that it penetrates and deepens what is offered by that new side, it will remain stagnant on the surface, in the coating of that energy. It will still not have been able to find the essence present in that vibratory pattern.

If any of us, open to the new impulses that the Unique Life is placing in this cycle of transition so particular to the planet, would be before that without being able to advance, without being able to leave a stopped position, we would have to dare and with courage rethink everything. It should learn to become aware of its encapsulated situation. Perceiving the interferences that a great number of layers or useless generate elements, thus managing to stagnate it in a determined position. A position in which he is illusorily convinced of his understanding of truth, energy and the cosmos. Even being distant, the giving that will open paths towards a practical experience of the spiritual understanding of reality.

Cosmic life is life in simplicity. The spiritual life, mirror of the cosmic life, is life in simplicity. The touch of the soul in consciousness is life in simplicity. If we cannot understand this, live it, prove it, we would be immersed in an illusion and an encapsulation. A new philosophy will always be offering a new position to consciousness. The person who is dedicated to the treatment of a new philosophy must be attentive to his own stagnation, to carry out a humble process of self-knowledge, to learn to be in a new position in consciousness.>


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