The Light of the Pilgrim Notebook Collection

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The Light of the Pilgrim Notebook Collection More info

Luz del Valle makes available to readers an extensive editorial work of the talks and studies given by Daniel Gagliardo. Profuse and enriching group work has allowed us to unravel, summarize and put into a literary format the essence of these meetings. From notebook number one, dedicated to The Giving, the reader will be able to count on an enlightening material of study and consultation. This collectable series, of unpublished characteristics, is destined to offer a harmonizing accompaniment to those beings who seek to deepen the current terrestrial transition in communion with the renewed cosmic energies that today lead our planet towards the Superior Evolutionary Law.

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¿Qué es la entrega?
What is giving?
It is to offer our consciousness as an unconditional tool to the Unique. To offer, as a legitimate return to the Unique, essence, life and consciousness. Surrender is to be receptive so that what is above can express itself in what is below and thus make it possible for it to descend. It is thus called to attune the lower will to that higher will. The highest expression of surrender is non-interference with the expression of our inner energies at the concrete levels. In this way, these energies will be able to operate through the flow of the inner life in this external field where we express ourselves by being incarnated. Facilitating the action of our powerful inner nuclei that must be projected here, at this level of consciousness.

Thus, giving is the state of receptivity achieved when our internal particle supplies us with a flow of supernatural energies; allowing that which exists in the higher levels to find us available to be anchored here in us. As a being, I must surrender all that I am in life and in consciousness. I must come to feel like "we".

What should be given?

As a being, I must give all that I am in life and conscience. I must come to feel a genuine, undelayable drowning of what I am to the Father, to the inner essence where the higher will is present. From there, when I begin to resolve this issue of surrendering my life and my consciousness, what I am as a being here on these planes, to this inner will, we see how to resolve certain issues that are shaped in our lives and with which we have to do something. Because if we give these issues without changing the field, the parameter, without changing the ground that we are, it is useless. Nothing that happens to me I can give to anything or anyone if I do not give the continent where that is being developed, assumed, where that is there, is embedded, where that is there sustained and in experimentation. We are that continent, where everything is there occupying a dimension many times unnecessarily; possibly already without any sense. And how can I give what is in a continent if I don't give the continent itself? It is impossible, because the continent will always be filled again by whatever the law thinks should occupy it. Because that continent, that element, is not in the hands of the one who corresponds to it: The law itself. So, as long as the continent is not in the hands of the law, the law will offer that continent everything it needs to mobilize it, to expand it, to transform it. And so that continent can become aware of what or for whom it is what it is and what it should become. We have to be like a chalice. A grail that can be filled by certain energies. But to do this we must raise it up and hold it up indeclinably.

We are really of sacred origin. It is the sacred, the divine, the internal, that overturned these energies that we are in matter. We have the evolutionary task of giving that which is overturned in the material world, to return it, and giving is the form of return that the being has to resolve this issue. We give this that we are to the superior and we are solving how to return. No one prevented from surrendering to the superior what he is in these levels can resolve the return of his essence-consciousness; the liberation of his light to continue the path, so as not to remain encapsulated. Our life itself, with everything that is happening in it, must be surrendered. Not only the traumas, the fears, anxieties, ambitions; we have to surrender our whole life to that internal process, to that internal experience, to that internal juncture, to that internal will.

If we are imbalance here, we have to look for the internal conscience to balance ourselves. If that is not enough, there are beings internally and karmically trained to collaborate with psychic imbalances. We have to go and open ourselves to this psychiatric, psychological and therapeutic work; although, when accompanying this process from the hands of a therapist, simultaneously, we should not forget to first put our life in the hands of the superior will. I go to a psychologist's office and at the same time I give my life to the superior, the whole context of my life, the whole context of my consciousness. I place my life and my consciousness, I offer it, I give it, because if I am not capable of surrendering my life to the superior, even if I place myself in the hands of someone else, I am not working with openness to the internal life. Until I do not bear it in this way little or nothing will result. My advances will be limited, they will not be effective, being always at the expense of setbacks.

We must have the capacity to use each and every one of the tools that life places at our disposal. You can seek the help of a transpersonal therapist, someone who is already working psychologically with an openness to the inner life. It must be a person with specific abilities who, in treating the patient, sustains his or her consciousness towards the higher will. However, all therapy and therapists are transitory elements, remembering that if we do not put the entire context of our life in the hands of this higher will, it will not be enough. We have to ask ourselves why a being gives himself up, to continue fortifying the satisfaction of his personal goals, so that the lower will continues to make its desire? A being begins to transit his surrender when he begins to discern in harmony the ignorance in which he finds himself. The one who surrenders must have confirmed that he knows nothing; that he doesn't know what to do with life or what he is there for, that he will never really know what to do if he doesn't allow himself to be revealed to that which he knows all about and which he does through him.

The principle of giving is to bend before this which is his reality; and with humility, he knows that he is embraced and led by a Unique and superior Life, but that until he becomes receptive to that guidance nothing he does will really be the action, the projection, the reflection of his life.>


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