The Path of the Pilgrim

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The Path of the Pilgrim
Erks and The Revelation of Ansenuza
More than twenty thousand years ago the intraterrestrial civilization Erks undertook special aspects of assistance to humanity on the surface of the Earth. The instruction to searches and pilgrims of the Light was and is one of the offerings that Erks sustains in these times of planetary transition.
The hierarchy of Uhraúma, present and guidance in these writings, offers the Revelation of Ansenuza as part of the assistance to individuals who must more consciously undertake the various aspects of evacuation and rescue. Winds of transformation are the preamble to new humanity being led into cosmic life; in them, Erks pour its Light.

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Uhraúma y la Instrucción

Uhraúma and the Instruction

Erks, as a vibratory pattern, and despite the work generated by the energy through different sources, it is only accessible to us in a limited way; notoriously inferior to what is foreseen for this stage of humanity. This limitation is related to the delayed state of consciousness of the race on the surface of the planet. Most of us who inhabit the surface of the Earth are not yet able to be considered as aspirants to basic initiation. The powerful structure of this intraterrestrial centre - powerful in terms of Light-Energy - is outside the energy pattern of the human mass that today attracts powerful flows of purification. Elements that are depositories of purifying voltages, in particular, exceed for that reason the required conditions of subtilisation. Thus, becoming receptive to preparatory impulses is a condition that is being experienced under deep interference.
We can know or foresee nothing of what the energy will dispose of. In this sense, we human beings are still - even those who are awake and seeking an approach to the truth - exposed to what we do not know will happen. The difference could be observed in one single nuance: those whom today seek the essence, even without knowing what existence will have in store for them, must be receptive to giving every issue a high level of treatment. An attitude that by itself would reveal the presence of energies from the internal planes extending to matter through those individuals.
About the diverse contexts related to the inner dimension, and the environment that emerges as necessary for its development and access, is that we are driven to deepening and diffusion; by means, sometimes, of books. In the case of the latter, which the reader is now preparing to treat, contrasting nuances are offered. The energy that sustains it operates through two aspects. Some of the experiences of our group, implanted on the Erks Valley, in a planetary service centre; of which personal reflections and observations are part. As well as, a range of impulses received by the internal way whose source is part of the civilization of Erks; in the representation of the Hierarchy that governs that intraterrestrial centre. They came to our consciousness in a simple, spontaneous way. In opportunities, harmoniously combined within a reflective framework, as well as the purest silence. The format in which this material is organized for dissemination was shown to us internally.

Long-time before we had any news about the assumption of this written task, we had subjectively perceived a tightening of certain bonds in the field of energies. One of Erks' Hierarchies, Uhraúma, strengthened its approach on a level where consciousness could begin to differentiate it. Our experiences, of silent nature, transforming and harmonising, followed each other in a simple way. The presence of this entity of Erks came to follow one another assiduously in the context of my existence. At times, the perception of its energy became indistinguishable from my own inner reality.
Thus we were oriented in the work that would begin. The instruction that emerged from Uhraúma was of high power of synthesis. At times, part of our training consisted of taking on, in a "joint" way, the talks and studies that were developed weekly in the service centre where I reside. We learned to make room for an arrangement, within those circumstances, proper to guiding energy with voltages that ascended continuously and gradually. In those states, some sufficiently receptive companion participated in what he perceived as a change of energies in us.

When these states of fusion of consciousness were passing through their apex, we were allowed to discover new optics and parameters. In this way, we could understand more profoundly and practically, the energies that sustain the situations of the formal world. This allowed us to consider and participate in the circumstances of life at our centre, under a perspective for which - gradually - the whole was being prepared. The fact that this happened through one of us opened up valuable possibilities for the rest. We knew that the path that any of us could tread became a path offered - not only to the group itself - but to every receptive being present in this planetary cycle.

Uhraúma instructed about the Light; without that instruction necessarily making continuous reference to it. Uhraúma, in a highly practical way, showed what a being can do when he does not lose track of the eternal light offering of which he becomes the recipient. As a consciousness, it was given as a testimony of that which - even though it went unnoticed by the majority - was the truth of the essence revealing itself - awakening in the internal mirrors of a great number of rescuable individuals the call to cosmic life. Its energy, although it could be pointed out as the main one within the context of these writings, also operated with other sources - as an entity - with harmonious synchronism.
The events described are chronologically consecutive within some segments, but not throughout the work. The organization of these pages should be considered based on the internal cycles that both our group and most of those to whom they are addressed, are going through or are about to go through.

Fragment of the book The Pilgrim's Path, Erks and the Revelation of Ansenuza, Daniel Gagliardo>


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