The Light of the Pilgrim Notebook Collection

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In the current planetary transition, it is necessary to collaborate with the adjustments of the energies, which serve the Evolutionary Plan to cover certain aspects.
One of the most vital and significant energies of this Plan is group work.
This evolutionary group work carried out by beings who had voluntarily offered themselves on the surface of this planet. They assume in various levels of consciousness, the task of forming the nuclei of light that channel the fundamental impulses in future global developments.
Concerning the awakening of consciousness in this transition, a greater responsibility on the part of the rescuable beings was planned by the hierarchies.
The great pollution of the three-dimensional plan and the karma activated by the humanity of surface, primarily due to the agonizing situation of the infra-human kingdoms, are an active part in the impediments by which more nurtured and uniform evolutionary group work can be carried out.
We are made aware that many beings who incarnated on this cycle, with the task of assisting in the formation of these cores group, have in many cases irreversibly, succumbed to opposing embattle.

Overcome the unclean disruptive habits that prevent you from being free, you see in your smallness and then you will discover your greatness. Know sparks to understand that you are bonfires, discover yourselves as a small drop, to share and encompass the immense sea of Cosmos.
Therefore, understand definitively that your greatness is only in service, that your fire is only if you overcome darkness and enlighten the dark impoverished, and that you conform to the immense sea only if you placate the thirsty.

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1. What is the giving?
Is to offer our consciousness as a tool to the Unique. Unconditional Offer, as a legitimate return to the Unique Life, essence, life and consciousness. The giving is to reach a state of receptivity to that which is in the upper levels to be able to express it in the field of ego and personality. It is understood as the possibility to synchronise the lower will with the higher will. Able to offer you the archetype updated according to the Evolutionary requirements of Humanity and the planet in each cycle or stage.
The highest expression of the giving is the non-interference with the expression and the influx of our inner energies in the psychophysical levels. So, these energies may operate by the flow of the Supramental Life/our soul, mónada and regent/ in the external field where we express ourselves incarnated.
So, the giving is the state of receptivity which enables us to support the donation to the Superior. It is understood that as one's own soul; our Monada’s consciousness; the Hierarchy or, depending on the stage to elapse and the level of consciousness achieved, the sincere donation to the Unique.
Giving is something that transforms us into bridges. Giving permits us to consolidate and form a part of a chain with the ability to unite both shores of the tributary of the instruction.>


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